Engage your visitors, keep them on your page longer, make more sales!

In this article, you will find a variety of tips and strategies that can be used to write more targeted and relevant website content for your business.

Proper writing styles when developing content is extremely important. If done properly, you will benefit from:

Smash Your Competitors With 12 Phenomenal Web Content Writing Tips for your Business


Write using plain language

Which entails the use of familiar and simple words. Avoiding rare and sophisticated terms prevents confusion and appeals to the average reader.


Write brief paragraphs and sentences

Add white spaces for cleanliness and readability. Go back to the basics and remember to use who, what, where, how, why.


Use Inverted Pyramid Method

This is a simple and effective approach by which you introduce your conclusions at the top of your page and continue to work in reverse from there. It gives your reader immediate access to your most important content first.



In terms of text structure, using sub-headings allows website visitors to scan your content effectively. Incorporating key words in those headings will also makes your site web-search friendly.


Ordered/unordered lists

Use lists (bullet points) to describe benefits, features and other specs. Ideally under 10 elements, organizes your text and guides your visitors as they scan the page.


Be bold & stylish

Use bold, italics, underline and colour to stand-out and direct the eye. Be careful not to overuse.


Use internal-linking in your content

Make your page more user-friendly and increase your SEO by linking to other posts and pages.


Avoid repetition

Try to simplify and amalgamate sentences and paragraphs that talk about the same subject.


Call to action

Remember to add a book now button, call now number, business address, price of service.


Unique selling points

Take time to think about all the reasons why your business is different/better from the competitors. Browse your competitors page, other similar businesses and write in a list format the benefits of your business.
Example: Free parking, long hours, private treatment rooms, open holidays, online booking, specialized staff, guarantees, refund policies, coupons, price, specialized products/


Use “You”!

Focus on the benefit to the reader. The reader is on your page to solve a problem they have. Use “You” in paragraphs to sell the benefit or feature of your product/service to the reader. Writing headings relevant to them and make use of the word “you” rather than “I”.
Example: Reduce your lower back with our deep-tissue massage service.


Use Images & Videos

Use images to break-up words paragraphs! Images can represent many words and are visually appealing.
If you have any videos describing or showing your produce or service, you should add them to the page, linking or embedding any YouTube videos.


Offering quality articles and business content can help your website attract potential clients and, similarly, can ensure the return of existing clients. In fact, research shows that in today’s fast-paced society, customers prefer websites that offer upfront information while retaining a clean and professional appearance. The reason being that the majority of modern readers merely scan web pages and don’t necessarily read content word for word.

That being said, it is imperative for your business to consider the online reader’s behaviors when developing and updating your website’s content. As a result, we have gathered the following tips to assist you with writing more strategic web content:

Integrating these simple tips and strategies when developing your website, will result in better quality web content that will benefit not only your customers but also your business’ performance as well!