Client:    Paintballmountain / Spain

Re-designed current website to match current branding


01 Challenge

Paintball Mountain, a popular recreational destination in Spain, has been in business for 20 years.

The majority of the company’s new business generates from their website; however, they realized it was outdated, and not optimized for maximum business potential and competitiveness


01 The Solution

The goal was to bring the
live experience
of paintballing, to the website!


Web Design & Development

• Re-designed the website to be congruent with the current brand image and personality.
• Modernized the website’s look by adding: impactful graphic design. imagery and elements,
testimonials, brand films, stylized photography, and much more.
• Created a user-friendly experience with strategic navigation flow.
• Strategically placed call-to-action buttons to funnel traffic for lead generation.
• Enhanced performance and speed of page loads for user retention.
• Customized book-now forms for reservations


Decreased bounce rate by


26% more visitors have to say on the website longer than the previously built website.

In November 2018, the old website had a bounce rate of 44%.

In Nov 2019, the new website has a bounce rate of 32.5% bounce rate, which is a 26% (positive) decline.