A Facebook Ads Expert Reveals -How to Get More Clicks From Facebook Ad

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Promoting products and services through social media is increasing day by day. If you’ve ever tried to run a Facebook ad, you know that it can be very difficult. It’s hard to know how to choose the right audience, what the right copy is, what the right price and budget for your campaign should be, how to track the performance of your campaign, and what the best day to run a campaign is. For a lot of people, running a Facebook ad is a numbers game and they’ll just put up a bunch of ads until something clicks. But that’s the wrong way to run a campaign. As a Facebook ad expert, I’ve found that the best way to run a Facebook campaign is to start with the basics. Below are the top 10 tips that help you get more clicks.


Target the right audience

It’s important to understand your audience before you try to place ads on Facebook. Before you spend a lot of money, you should test your audience first. Test, test, test, until you find the right demographics.

According to Facebook, you can target specific users based on: Their city and ZIP code What they’ve searched for recently Their employer The topics they’ve searched for recently Why they’re searching The things they look at on Facebook How they use Facebook Now, I don’t recommend that you target a single group of users and then see what happens. Instead, I recommend that you target a specific type of user that fits your brand. This ensures that you’re going after people that you can connect with and convert. Most people can’t tell you what their ideal user looks like, but you can. Use the exact same ad to target all those people instead of targeting everyone. Let’s say that you own a lawn care company.


Copy writing illustration

Keep your copy simple

on Facebook is very easy. You can create a campaign just as easy as you can create any other type of ad. The only thing you need to remember is that it has to be very clear, fast and kind. Don’t overdo your copy, make sure your ads are short (under 15 seconds) and if you need to write a lot of copy, do it in bullet points. And by all means, don’t copy and paste another business’ ad. Copy theirs and start to get a few heads turning! Keep your ads focused on a specific topic or just one key customer type. Don’t go and do a bunch of low-level marketing with your product. Don’t spam your ad copy with uninteresting and irrelevant information. 



 What’s more, don’t spend all of your time telling your audience what you can do for them. People don’t care. Your customers are not looking for a deal, and they’re certainly not interested in hearing your sales pitch. Use words that are relevant and interesting, rather than just words. Have an effective headline. The headline should give a preview of your offer, and it should also include a call to action so people know what to do next. The headline also has to be engaging, so it engages people so they want to click the ad. Invest in compelling copywriting. When you invest in great copywriting, your ad will perform better.


Promote the best content

It’s good to add multiple variants to each ad – i.e., image, video, audio – to really get the best performance out of your Facebook marketing. This makes it easier for you to test and see what works better and also gives you more flexibility in customizing your ads. Also, if you have a mobile campaign, make sure you test your ads for different text and picture formats and choose the right size to optimize for mobile.

Keep your ads focused on a specific topic
Every Facebook ad needs a strong image that stands out from your competitors

Optimize your image

Every Facebook ad needs a strong image that stands out. It is very difficult to say, “Hey, these are two cat photos. Pick one” and expect a click. A photo has to grab people’s attention. For some campaigns, Facebook‘s ads will already come with a pre-created image. But for most people, that won’t be enough. I like to use Adobe Illustrator and have created many of my own unique images that can really stand out from the competition. Find what works for your product, not what works for your competitor. Every Facebook ad campaign needs a strong concept that offers something unique that your customers will actually want to see. Don’t try to create a strategy where your competitor is the hero.

Track your campaign

I’m going to assume you’re running a Facebook ad campaign on behalf of your business, so you’re probably already know how to set up Facebook pixel to track the performance of your campaign. For this article, I’m going to assume you’re tracking conversions. That means you’re taking a look at visitors to your site who make a certain choice and how long they stay on your site. If you’re looking to track sales, you can also take a look at session duration to see if any users are buying anything. If you’re tracking the conversions, you should be tracking clicks. Sophisticated tracking, on the other hand, will allow you to analyze exactly how the ad was delivered.

The Budget

The last thing that you need to do when you’re starting out with your Facebook ads campaign is to rush into a huge budget for a few weeks, hoping that something will happen. You will hit a few “likes” and some articles, but it’s a crapshoot. Start with a budget that’s lower than you think is needed to get started and you will likely be more successful. You’ll get a few “likes” and articles, but if you don’t have a few things right, you won’t have any traction. Targeting It’s important to segment your audience. If you have a broad audience that you’re trying to reach, you won’t get many conversions. If you focus your campaign on people who are like your existing customers, you will have better results. You’ll also have to be smart with what you choose for the lookalike audience for your ad.

Ad Scheduling

If you’re running Facebook ads, you want to be on a schedule to get the most out of your budget. You can use the “Race” tool to find out who’s on your calendar to buy ads. For example, let’s say you’re running ads for your lawn care business in Orleans, Ottawa. You’d run an ad for Orleans on Wednesday and an ad for Gloucester on Saturday. If your goal is to drive people from Gloucester to Ottawa, that could help you identify which customers would be the best fit. You’ll have more customers who live in Ottawa, which could make your margin even higher. This tip helps you identify potential customers by using an automated audience-matching tool.

Tracking Campaign Performance

It’s very important to be able to track your campaign performance so that you can see what you need to do to improve it. Set up your ads. Have them open on your Facebook page. Have them open on your blog. In both cases, make sure that they are visible on the browser or your mobile phone. I recommend that you automatically go to the Facebook Ads Manager page and enable session tracking. This is a feature that enables Facebook to keep track of how long a user has been on Facebook. If you have been able to reach your “target audience,” Facebook is able to track that user and use that data to help you to better target them.

The best day to run a campaign

There is no magic formula for what’s the best day to run a Facebook campaign. You might have a morning or evening that works for you that has good performance for your budget. Or you might want to run a specific campaign on a specific day. I’m all about the Facebook Ads schedule and targeting features. The best day to run a Facebook ad isn’t just to make sure you’re doing the right thing, it’s to avoid the most common problems that many companies have. The Facebook advert has an administration page. A Page Admin can report the status of their Page, see all of the posts in their followers’ Newsfeeds, as well as see the stats associated with their page and receive a lot of useful notifications that they need to know about their page. Make sure that the Page Admin status is updated by them.


So with all of the different approaches you can take with Facebook ads, you need to find the right approach that fits you. You need to find the combination of elements that works for your business. Do the following and the money will follow. Your brand and product should be the focus, rather than just trying to sell your product. You also need to make sure that you’re including a call to action at the end of your ad to drive people to your website. You also need to really think about the Facebook Ads Platform. Make sure that your Facebook advertising is set up correctly so that you get the best results. Try to improve your conversion rate as much as possible. Focus on your call to action at the end of your ad, so that people will leave your ad and go to your website. If you find it difficult to run a successful ad campaign, you can hire a Facebook ads specialist or take service from a Facebook advertising agency to reach your goal.