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Marketing Agency Ottawa

With the help of Designful, you’ll be able to gain and retail your ideal customers.
From search engine optimization to advertising, our team will help captivate your
companies’ customers’ attention and converting them into loyal fans.

Marketing Agency Ottawa - Marketing

Creative Digital Marketing

We’re a creative agency with Digital Marketing services that will help you to enhance your brand presence on the internet, gain and retain target customers, which will maximize your business growth.

Direct targeting

Connecting you with your ideal customers

Be Accessible Online

Advertising: Digital Marketing Agency Ottawa

We are happy to help business owners to create online platforms and showcase their products or services. Let the power of marketing expand your business.

Increase credibility

Around-The-Clock Availability

Marketing Agency Ottawa - Marketing firm

Digital Marketing with Designful

Call Us Today 613.699.6233

Marketing Agency Ottawa - Creative

Increase Visibility
to Your Site

Funnel targeted traffic to your pages based on the searcher’s intention. Unlike conventional advertising where you are reaching out to your targeted audience, SEO allows you to get the customers who are looking for you, strategically.

Inbound strategy

Quality traffic

Stay Competitively Ahead


We created (meaningful) artwork that represents your brand’s personality and connects with your customers, to help gain and retain.

Visual connected the core principle

Infused purpose

Marketing Agency Ottawa - Companies

Marketing & Social Media

Visual connected the core principle

Infused purpose

Our team of marketing experts is ready to implement the perfect marketing plan for your business, which will ultimately help you to reach more targeted clients than before. We build social media campaigns using Facebook and Instagram. Let out industry experts help you grow your business.

Social Media Marketing Ottawa

Now that you know what to expect from our agency in Ottawa, it is time to get to work. Contact us today to start discussing your goals so that our team can help you choose the right marketing strategies that are best suited to your needs.

Contact Us

Are you looking for a Marketing Company? Send us a message!

Designful, a Digital Marketing Agency in Ottawa.

More About Our Marketing Agency Services

Marketing Agency Ottawa

Best practices from the best marketing agencies:

✔ graphic design
✔ website design
✔ lead generation

✔ strategic marketing / marketing strategy
✔ business development
✔ video production


Digital Marketing Strategies


Content Marketing
Content marketing is created for your target audience to provide them with relevant, valuable, and consistent information related to the services or products that you have to offer. The ultimate goal of content marketing is to drive your site visitors to take profitable actions.


Affiliate Marketing
With affiliate marketing, you get help from everyday people to promote your brands and business. When someone signs up as an affiliate, they are provided with rewards when they bring new customers to your website. For example, you might offer discount codes when an affiliate directs someone to your website, which then makes a purchase.


Email marketing is one of the simplest ways to keep people engaged with your company. It is crucial to create the right email marketing campaign to increase sales. You will email your subscribers or potential clients with targeted messages about your services and products, special promotions, and new services and products that are upcoming so that they start to get excited about them.


Pay Per Click (PPC)
This form of marketing earns you money when people click on ads that are located on your company’s website. Advertisers will place ads on different websites, and every time someone clicks on them, they pay a fee. You can negotiate the fees that you want to pay for each click, how long the website will host an ad, and even the overall look and content of the ads.

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Marketing Agency in Ottawa
Our agency here in Otawwa can help you to connect with your target audience, while also aiding you in developing new strategies to expand upon your target market.


By engaging in the right types of digital marketing in Ottawa, you can easily reach more people with less effort. This helps to ensure that your business has the audience that it needs to succeed. The first step is to learn more about how this advertising agency in Ottawa can serve your marketing needs.


What is Digital Marketing?
Digital marketing involves a wide array of techniques that are carried out using the internet or an electronic device. You will use a variety of channels, such as social media, other websites, search engines, and email to communicate with your target group and to attract new clients.


Why Do You Need Marketing?
It is very flexible. Instead of only putting a basic black and white advertisement in a newspaper, you can take the same advertisement and transform it into multiple types of media, such as website ads, a video for social media, and email copy for those who subscribe to your company’s email list. If you haven’t started digital marketing yet, don’t worry! We know our client’s needs. Based on our experiences we can bring results for you out of nothing.


The Top Digital Marketing Techniques
There are numerous types of digital marketing that you can take advantage of. Many companies use a variety of techniques so that they can target as many people as possible. The following describes common methods that you can use to target your prospective and current clients better.


It is the most efficient and cost-effective way to get your business seen by a wide variety of people. It involves strategically using keywords, writing content that drives traffic, and ensuring that your new website has a user-friendly design that search engines want to see. Here in Ottawa, all of your top competitors are doing SEO to make sure their presence on the first page of the search engine. By implementing a proper plan, you can outrank your competitors in a short time.


Marketing Agency Ottawa



Why is advertising important?
Advertising in business is very important because it helps to position your brand, attract more customers, and promote the benefits of your products and services. It’s useless to have the best product or service if no one knows about it.


How digital is changing consumer behavior?
Consumers are no longer buying at the store, they go online, see reviews and, click the “buy now” button. Your business needs to have an online presence.


Why is web design important?
Your website talks more than you think. It’s important your web looks professional, in this way you will persuade consumers to trust in you and buy your products and services. Our core strength is design and marketing, contact us today, and will help you to build an authoritative brand.

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