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About This Project


Kent Chiro-Med is introducing its new philosophy of blending chiropractic and physiotherapy services under one roof.  They provide patients with a more well-rounded solution to pain relief management and are challenged to bring their brand message to an online targeted audience.


SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )
• Increased website traffic by increasing visibility on Google.
• Most keywords were migrated from page 10 to page 1 on Google, Bing, Yahoo!

Web Design & Development
• Reorganized content on pages to impact Google’s algorithm.
• An increased conversion rate of visitors. Increased the number of new visitors on the site who turned into patients.
• Changed web content to focus on solution-based outcomes instead of focusing on commodity services.
• Conveyed the brand’s message with artistic expression by using graphic design.

• Actualized brand identity and brand philosophy via the website.
• Helped create a strong and consistent brand message that connects with the target audience.


Website Design