New features for Stylish Price List

Hi there,

You purchased Stylish Price List recently and I want to tell you about the new COOOOOL features.


New Features
Backup and restore
: you can now back-up and restore any of your list. This is great for developers who are working on localserver for starting their client’s designs. You can move the plugin to the live site and now move your price list within having to re-enter all the information.
Extra styles: we’ve added a fourth style and we’re not done, next week it’ll look even better. The purpose of this style was to give more of a restaurant menu style look.
Line-breaking/Fluid Design: It’s hard for me to describe this feature in words but we’re coming out with a feature that allows you to choose whether some of the styles will be fluid and pile up on each other of similar break-line and go to the next column. The feature will be released on Friday, the button is there now but there’s a few things left to prefect it.
Customize more: I’ve added a help section that shows how you can customize the price list even more with line-spacing, extra padding, capitalizing letters and more!

Did you update last night?
The update on July 23rd was some missing files by accident. This caused some WordPress sites to display a blank screen when being logged in as a admin. If this happened to you, you can simply FTP your website and deleted the stylish-price-list folder from /public_html/  then re-add the plugin as per normal. All your data list will be saved.

Do You Have Any Suggestions?
We welcome any suggestions for future features.  If you’re good in Photoshop, you can mock-up a design style and we’ll do our best to recreate it in SPL and roll-it-out as an update.


We’re super excited to add to the stylish family of plug-ins with Stylish Cost Calculator, hopefully we’ll be done in the next couple of weeks. This is gonna be awesome!! You can add mega amounts of professionalism to your companies website by having an interactive stylish calculator that allows users to move sliders and select fancy drop-down boxes and receive live quotes/estimates of your services.




Selling for $10, we’ve developed yet another cool additiong to the stylish family of plug-ins. We’ve created a cool business hours plug-in that allows you to choose between 10 different stylish designs to display your business hours. It doesn’t stop there! We’ve added holiday hours and special store hours feature will display any holidays hours of any holiday that is close the day that the visitor is viewing your website. There’s no point in bugging your visitors with irregular special business hours unless it’s going to close to that date.

Below is a screenshots of the different style options you use for SBH.

Style1 Style2 Style3 Style4 Style5 Style6 Style7 Style8 Style9